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Michel Gagnon      Luthier and Kite-Flyer

Kite-Flyer since 1999

Schooled as a luthier, Michel Gagnon opened his first kite store on January 1st, 2000 in Orient Bay on the isle of Saint-Martin in the Carrabeans, under the name of “Cerf-volant Caraïbes Kite”. Despite a resounding success for the island residents, the season was disastrous. Upon returning to Quebec, he created the first Quebec edition of “1S1W at Mouton Village” in the fall of 2000.

It’s in 2001 that Coriolis Kite, as it is known and recognized today, came to be. It was pruposefully conceived with the concept of making it easy to discover the kite world, from all countries. Hence, the name “Coriolis”. The Earth rotation on its axis creates the coriolis effect, which deflects moving object, thus creating all winds in the Northern and Southern hemisperes. Each part of the world, kite traditions were established and these are worthy of discovering.

Furthermore, his knowledge as a luthier and a violin maker has brought Michel Gagnon to produce flying -rather than auditory- masterpieces. As an interesting side-note, he participated in the 2016 exhibit “Vibration Aérienne” by StudioC, which took place in Varennes, with his flying cello.


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