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We invite you to join us every Sunday afternoon, from 12:30 pm to 3 pm, for a free single-string kite flight and also to take part in acrobatic flying lessons of all levels.

No need for registration and it’s free. Just show up at to the Coriolis banner in the field and we will direct you to your appropriate group.

If you want to use another kite than yours, just ask; it’s a good opportunity to explore the kite world. Acrobatic introductions will be available for those who have never done so.

2-LINE  or DUAL Stunt Kites

Flying  2-line stunt kites is an ongoing and nerver-ending learning process and we offer basic training for all. Beginners or mid-level pilots will greatly appreciate the 12 secrets of the garanteed enjoyment of our program. You will definitely learn to fly, but also to land with precision.

We also have a 12-week, 12-week program for acrobatic tricks.

4-Line or Quad Line Kites

No need for registration and it’s free. Only present yourself at the Coriolis banner at Parc de la Commune in Varennes or call the shop.

The 4-line Revolution is without a doubt the stunt kite that gives you absolute control from the first minutes of flight if you have a good instructor with you. The new Reflex XX from the American manufacturer Revolution is exceptional and deserves to be discovered, that’s why there the free online 4-line introductions.

Traction and Power Kites

Rush Pro

Snow kite in ski with HQ4

Snow Kite

We offer a training kite training with small practice sail to then grow in size according to the wind and your skill. Wearing a helmet is mandatory for sails of 4 meters and more.

Box sails with control bar like Kite Surf will be offered for testing. Harnet and safety helmet are provided.

Free with purchase of a power kite.

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